Fundraiser Dessert on November 8, 2012

We would like to invite you to a dessert fundraiser on Thursday, November 8th at the Fairyland Club from 7:30- 8:30pm.

We are hoping to see many of you there, but we also would love to share the vision of LFO with new supporters, and we would love to refill that “pot of money” that has so tremendously helped so many in our community add to their families through the gift of adoption. We would love your prayers for this event. We also would love for you all to consider inviting some of your friends who might be interested in the ministry of LFO, and who might be able to invest monetarily in the mission of LFO.

Please put November 8th on your calendar and consider inviting some friends. On the evening of November 8th we will have a short program that is hopefully informative and encouraging about what the LFO ministry does, followed by an “ask”.

Finally, we wanted to share two huge encouragements for all of you who have been praying and investing in LFO. Lookout for Orphans just recently received an anonymous pledge of $30,000 that we are boldly praying will be matched on the night of November the 8th, could you please join us in prayer.

Also, here are the most recent stats of how many families and children have been helped by the original fund:

Total families helped: 14
Total children adopted or in the process: 17
Total family funds mobilized: $106,942.68
Countries that children have been adopted from: South Korea, Ethiopia, Haiti, China, Latvia, Congo, Uganda, and USA

Please let us know by November 2, if you will be able to attend this event or not.

Thanks for being part of this community that has supported adoption so faithfully.
-Sarah and Carlee

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